outdoor & public

Build a scaffold for your desire (2018)

outdoor sculpture currently at Franconia Sculpture Park, MN

Using a quote from Belén Gopegui’s novel, ‘The Scale of Maps’, “But how do you plan to protect those places?” as a prompt, I responded to it sculpturally. This questions hits upon multiple aspects of my life and my work. I interpret “those places” as three places that I am concerned for, and involved in, their preservation and well­being. This emotional labor is a source of great uncertainty, anxiety, but also joy. What would a structure look like to house a gradual loss? What is the shape of healing? These are some of the questions that guided my creative decision-making. The layering of the flat plexi glass to slowly build up a dimensional form through monotonous labor felt much like landscapes slowly built up, inch by inch, through both natural and man-mad processes. 

Other images are renders and drawings for projects I hope to pursue in the future.